NM Creative Designs


Tiger Growth Inc. was established since 1978 as being a global export company in Asia, specialize in all kinds of Apparels, caps, bags and functional fabric for past years. An industry innovator, NM Creative Designs International Ltd. established in 2012, has been providing design service for over 20 years since the company group builds a design dept. in 1993

Headquarter located in Taipei, Taiwan, to coordinate sales activities, developing, designing, and producing material and other key accessories. Manufacturers locate in China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Taiwan. Designing and developing new items every season, we supply various products with excellent quality, stable delivery and competitive prices. We have been gaining very successful reputation from the worldwide market.

We provide the most efficient, expert service to all customers. We have put ourselves into the position of dynamic and customer-driven company not only with quality also expertise and innovations. On each of our products, we perform strict QC process & testing, which was including fabric, accessories examination, dangerous material testing and 100% inspection from cutting, sewing to packing. That helps ensure goods meet all customer’s requirement.


NM Creative Designs attracts talented individuals from around the world. Over the years, this has led to an endless run of remarkable personalities and projects. The company is led by Amber (Creative Director), Nomura Wataru (Client Service Director) and Nick ( VP and Strategy). Based in Taipei, they have a close working relationship with Tom in Shanghai (established 2010), and Chai Yi Hsu in New York (established 2003).